Mono Kakata

Being the other

How Much Of This Is Real?

Last week I was having dinner with my friend Bob, who hadn’t seen A Red Woman Was Crying. Bob works in network television. He’s the editor of a series and therefore is always dealing with the show’s reality (captured image sequences and sounds) which he arranges and rearranges and modifies according to his judgement about…

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Bougainville and China aren’t so far apart

A few weeks ago, I surfed over to The Nervous Breakdown to see whether anybody had commented on a “self-interview” I’d posted. TNB lets writers have a lot of fun with the self-interviews. Some go for versions of stand-up routines, some are serious, and some — like mine — are meant to be read as…

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“My Writing Process” – Blog Tour

I’m friends with a terrific writer named Rolf Yngve who blogs at Chasing the Wolf Tone. A few years ago I happened on Rolf’s prize-winning story “Efendim” and was so blown away that I set out to find him, and did, and now we’re electronic friends. I hope to meet him one of these days….

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Peter Matthiessen is gone

Peter Matthiessen (May 22, 1927 – April 5, 2014) died today. I admired him greatly. This week I’ve been composing a three postings, and they’re all in the loose, undisciplined going-everywhere state that means they’re not close to being ready. One of them exists only in my head. I think about it while I’m walking…

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